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E-procurement: Definition, benefits and obligations in 2021

E-Procurement refers to the automation of commercial transactions and electronic contracting. For example, the purchase of products/services between trading partners. E-procurement can be applied either within the private sector (B2B) or between public and private sectors (B2G). Either way, it is most used to refer to electronic communications with public administrations. Commercial transactions between clients and their providers can be all electronic thanks to e-procurement. The benefits are numerous. The system is characterized by the process of automation and

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Man working on configuration management systems

Logistics & Configuration Management: Concept and importance

Configuration management (CM) is a process used to establish and maintain the consistency of the performance of a product. This is thanks to a engineering system that also helps to establish and maintain the functional and physical attributes of a product, its design and operational information throughout its life. This process is used with IT service management and with other kinds of domain models in the civil engineering, plus other industrial segments such as: bridges, canals,

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Top 3 challenges for logistics during covid-19 in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted supply chains all over the world. Since it started, technology has become a the number one tool for everyone. The nature of logistics has been changed and highlighted by the crisis. Therefore, some challenges have come with it. These challenges go from much less cargo capacity to high demand due to e-commerce services. So, businesses and consumers have had to adjust to this new reality, and try to improvise and

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E-commerce warehousing and order fulfilment: 3 strategies

Ecommerce warehousing is where the storage of merchandise is before they are sold online. Warehousing includes safely storing of products, as well as tracking them and inventory. Ecommerce warehouse management Ecommerce warehouse management refers to daily operations in the warehouse that include things like: training and managing staff, managing inventory, equipment, building and maintaining, keeping products secure, forecasting shipping volume and labor demand, obtaining certifications and licensing, and many more. Benefits of ecommerce warehousing Warehousing your

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renewable sources

Transportation and energy: renewable sources of energy for transportation in 2020

In quarter 1 2020, global use of renewable energy in all sectors increased by 1.5% relative to quarter 1 2019. Renewable electricity increased by almost 3% mostly because of new wind and solar PV projects. Along with depressed electricity demand, during the Covid-19 pandemic, power grids have managed heightened shares of wind and solar PV. Also, the use of renewable sources of energy in the form of biofuels declined in quarter 1 2020 as consumption of blended fuels

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