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Software and new technology in logistics

Today, the environment in which we live is characterised by external competitiveness. From the simplest operation to the approach of strategies within the company, such as suppliers and customers. This means that the development of technology in software has been a fundamental key to be able to optimise these operations and promote automation and new configurations at the level of information flow. Companies have also rethought their entire organisation, their activities and systems, from customer

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Military logistics - military base

Military logistics: what is it and how does it work?

Military logistics has been part of the history of mankind and has evolved to become a science of application to different processes of the Operational Forces. Many of its theories and applications have been efficiently put into practice in the business world. In this article we will talk about the logistics cycle, the principles of business logistics, naval logistics within companies, its application and the types of supply. Military logistics The definition establishes a main

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Warehouse productivity

Slotting: warehouse productivity

Slotting is the process of determining the best location of goods within the warehouse. This improves the warehouse productivity. A good slotting strategy is necessary to ensure the efficient installation of goods. For example, decreasing delivery times or more expensive warehouses mean that companies have to optimize the performance of their storage space to remain competitive. The major role that logistics plays in many small businesses is the focus on their products and services to best meet their

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Freight broker agent: meaning

When it comes to carry freight, there are so many things that could go wrong: delays, damage, miscommunication…A freight broker is the one that facilitates the communication between carriers and shippers, in order for the freight or cargo to arrive safely and on time to its destination. What is a freight broker responsable for? A freight broker is the one who provides and arranges the transport of goods by matching available transportation agencies and vehicles

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TMS transporting management system

3 ways a TMS can improve the Supply Chain

Having a reliable software solution nowadays for your transportation management is a must; it is a necessity. Even if many users underestimate the importance of a TMS for their business. A Transportation Management System is an irreplaceable tool that, under the pressure of the pandemic crisis, has been able to reduce the transportation spending in the long run for many companies.   In the industrial supply chain, automation is vital for success. This is because

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