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Simplified logistics: Tracking number, shipment and parcels

In simple words, logistics is a term that generally means: management of transportation of information from place A to B. Logistics involves: inventory, packaging, supplies, transportation, tracking number, and occasionally, social security and warehousing. Why Logistics is important? The major role that logistics plays in many small businesses is the focus on their products and services to best meet their customer’s needs. Because without those products and services, the business wouldn’t exist. Logistics also impacts other

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online shopping with credit card and laptop computer

Dropshipping business in 2020: Profitability pros and cons

The concept of dropshipping is simple: a company has to list products on an online platform (eCommerce). The products are manufactured and held by a third party (supplier). When someone places an order to a company (seller), the third party ships it directly to the consumer. Development Many dropshippers have emerged in China, since 2006. This is mostly thanks to the increase Internet bringing eCommerce to live. These companies have been able to compete with

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rep concept

Top 6 differences between ERP and GRP

The ERP and GRP systems focus on different stages of a production. The first one focuses on every stage of product life cycle (manufacture, storage and selling). And the second one focuses on the group level organising, the internal coordination and the assets operation. But what does that mean? Enterprise resource planning ERP is an acronym for “Enterprise resource planning“. This is an integrated computer-based system used in the management of head business operations in

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senior businessman doing inventory in warehouse

Cross docking in inventory management and supply chain

Cross docking reduces the need to store products in a warehouse. It involves less material handing and inventory delivering products from a manufacturing plant directly to customers. This can happen with little or no material handling in between. In most cases, the products in inventory that have been sent from the manufacturing plant to the loading dock are allocated for outbound deliveries. Cross docking solutions in inventory allow different companies to ship to customers, meaning that

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VMI two engineers checking inventory in a warehouse

VMI: The benefits of the Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a business model. Is a process where the vendor creates orders from information provided by their costumers. And the vendor takes full responsibility by an agreement between the customer and vendor for maintaining an inventory of the material, fill rates and costs. This arrangement can improve the supply chain performance by eliminating stock-out situations and reducing inventories. A third party logistics provider can also be involved. This happens to make

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